Mobile Lux Measurement System


What’s IESNA?

IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) publishes street illumination guidelines which are followed by municipalities across North America.

What’s a lumen?

A lumen is the measure of the total amount of light emitted by a light source.

What’s Lux?

Lux is the measurement of how many lumens hits a surface. For example: one Lux = one lumen per square meter of road or sidewalk.

IESNA Recommended Street Light Levels

  • 90% of all BC residential street lights are overlit
  • On average, residential streets are 200% brighter than IESNA guidelines – some as high as 400%!
  • At the same time, other areas are underlit

The Dilemma

  • What is actual Lux level?

How to Discover Your Actual Lux Levels

  • We’ll measure it!

Our Mobile Lux Measurement System

  • Truck-mounted
  • We measure existing Lux level, GPS location, pole spacing, luminaire height, luminaire overhang and road type

Bottom Line:

A critical data-set for a street light conversion decision