Residential LED Savings Report


Energy Savings on Residential Street Lights are Low-Hanging Fruit

  • On average, residential streets are 200% brighter than IESNA guidelines – sometimes as high as 400%!!
  • Municipalities are experiencing energy savings of 85%
  • Contact us for an LED savings report for your municipality – it’s free


How Does the Residential LED Savings Report Work?

  • We select a typical residential neighbourhood with 50-100 street lights
  • We calculate the total energy consumed and the utility bill
  • We calculate how much you could reduce energy consumption and still satisfy IESNA lighting guidelines
  • We then translate the results into the potential savings for the municipality
  • We provide a full analysis of the present costs and the potential savings

Bottom line:

  • Typically energy consumption to satisfy the IESNA guidelines will save up to 85% of the present energy cost
  • Our data shows that a municipality would save a minimum of $1,000,000 for every 1,000 residential street lights over the life of an LED – estimated at 15 years
How Many Lights in My Municipality?

A community with 60,000 people has approximately 5,000 street lights. A city with 100,000 has about 8,400. The rule of thumb is one street light for every 12 people. Have some fun. Do the math for your municipality.